03 October 2013

NSA: Keith Alexander as James T. Kirk

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

I came across these pictures of the NSA Situation Room. When I saw them, the NSA's ambitious grab for information made perfect sense.

The room is called Information Dominance Center.

Yes, Information Dominance.

These are eleven years old boys.

The person who dominates information (Information Dominatrix?) is sitting in the Captain James T. Kirk chair in the middle. Currently, that's General Keith Alexander.

He was not the person who designed the room (one of his predecessors did it but no one knows for sure).

Some Hollywood studios helped out, with Disney producing a custom graphics chip for the 22' screen in front of Kirk, I mean Alexander.

It has been reported that the doors to the Dominance Center open with a Start Trek whoosh. Nice.

While the center was called something else before (Land Information Warfare Activity) the chair has always been known as the Kirk Chair. Apparently, all the Congressmen who visited the facility demanded to sit in it (presumably to pretend shooting Klingons).

This is how the architect who designed the Dominance Center describes it.

I don't know about you but after seeing these pictures, I feel I can trust these people with my private information.

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