12 December 2013

Bangladesh Might Be the Canary in the Mines

Bangladesh has just executed Abdel Kader Mullah.

To most people, this will not mean much.

To me, this is really worrisome.

It is not the man himself.

He was one of the leading figures of the Jamaat-e Islami, a conservative Islamist party in Bangladesh.

More importantly, he was one of the Islamists who (allegedly and apparently) advocated that independence from Pakistan was not a good idea in 1971.

And he was among those Islamist leaders who actively "discouraged" pro-Independence people.

I explained some of those dynamics here.

Now that they terminated him with extreme prejudice, I suspect things will go a bit crazy.

Bangladesh may not be on your radar screen. But it is about to become the main chessboard in the power struggle between the cynical ISI of Pakistan and not-so-in control of Indian government.

I hope this ends well for the sake of Bangladeshi people.

But I am worried.

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