15 November 2016

Trump Presidency: "Make America White Again"

These are the Trump voters and this is the kind of material FaceBook peddled in this election.

These images summarize perfectly the trends behind Trump's victory, namely the new misogyny, angry white folks generated by GOP, Fox and FaceBook and tribal politics.

Zuckerberg must be proud of his fake news algorithm and its outcome.

And this is what Trump's slogan really means.

This is an Episcopal church in Silver Spring, Maryland with a heavily immigrant congregation.

This is downtown Durham, North Carolina

This is Minnesota Maple Grove high school, the blurred section reads "F*ck n*gg*rs

Also this,
There were the fifth-graders in Ventura, Calif., chanting “Build a Wall!” and walls in Durham, N.C. defaced with “Black Lives Don’t Matter and Neither Does Your Vote.” Confederate flags fluttered at a Veterans Day parade in Petaluma, Calif. 
Women in hijabs reported having them yanked off in public, and a disturbing note to a Muslim elementary school teacher in Georgia told her to go hang herself with her headscarf. A student at the University of Michigan was told she would be set on fire if she didn’t remove her hijab.

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