06 June 2011

One More Thing about DSK

After I shared my take on DSK with my non-existent readership, I read this wonderfully economical sentence:
My own sexuality is so much about my desire to be desired that the thought of sex without reciprocity leaves me limp.
This is probably the most succinct argument against the typical rapist position of "I knew the slut wanted it" which is likely to be advanced (in a more palatable form) by the defense attorneys in this case.

This wonderful sentence notwithstanding, "one more thing" refers to an anecdote about the ethnicity issue I alluded to in my first essay. I said: 
I get my Jewish friends who fret that somehow the alleged actions of one individual will one day be used against them as a community. I get it because, as they remind me, historically, this has always been the case and most of the time, alleged actions of an individual wasn't even needed: the Jews of Norwich could have told you way back when, in 12th century.
Well, within five days of that, a friend of mine reported an evening of discussion among well-meaning French people. After insisting that assaulting a chamber maid was an incomprehensible act, they suggested, as a possible cause, well, his Jewishness.  

My Jewish friend was flabbergasted.

Sadly, I wasn't.

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