23 December 2011

Global Christmas and Merry Thoughts

For reasons too long to explain I found myself at Hong Kong Airport en route to Ho Chi Minh City just before Christmas. After submitting myself to all the indignities air travel includes these days I sought refuge in a fake Italian restaurant. I first noticed Jingle Bells, then I am Dreaming of a White Christmas. And the whole Christmas repertoire followed.

In North America, we are used to a specific Christmas routine. The first few days you hum along as everything you hear is very familiar. And it is everywhere. The mall, car radio, commercials on TV. Everywhere. You sing along and hum. Then it starts to get quite annoying. By the nth day of Christmas you feel like begging strangers to shoot you to stop the looping reel in your brain.

This is also the main reason I believed for the longest time that suicide rates were higher during the holiday season (they are not)

But finding the same reel at Hong Kong Airport makes me both depressed a bit and joyful as I realize that the whole world has joined us in our seasonal misery. Very compassionate of them.

This is also my segueway to wish my tiny readership a very joyous holiday season.

It is going to get better.

You'll see.

Just stop "Santa Is Coming to Town" in you brain. Peace in the Middle East is a child play afterwards...

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