01 February 2014

Will Hillary Clinton Run in 2016?

It is an open secret that Hillary Clinton is the leading contender in the 2016 presidential race. In fact, she is the biggest Democratic front runner of all times.

According to Washington Post, she holds a 6 to 1 lead over other Democratic candidates. Joe Biden is second with 12 percent and Senator Elisabeth Warren is third with 8 percent.

Moreover, the largest Democratic Super PAC (Priorities USA Action) has just declared that it is regrouping to support Clinton's presidential ambition. They have a huge Rolodex and they can raise billions.

Besides this extremely favorable situation, she has another advantage: there is no clear front runner on the other side.

The Republican Great White Hope Chris Christie is embroiled in a slow burning scandal. With a leaked letter accusing him of having prior knowledge of the Fort Lee incident and many subpoenaed witnesses waiting to testify, this has all the makings of a prolonged investigation with many pitfalls along the way.

Tea Party candidate Paul Ryan fizzled out when Romney - Ryan ticket performed poorly and I doubt that this time around the mainstream media will give him the same benefit of the doubt that they were willing to extend to his math-defying, if not fraudulent budget proposals.

The Libertarian candidate, the junior senator from Kentucky Rand Paul is unlikely to go far in the GOP primaries. Marc Rubio in an unknown quantity for federal politics. And despite what McCain says, Bobby
Jindal will never, ever get the majority of GOP primary voters.

And there is also the consideration (rarely mentioned in these situations) that she is by far the most qualified candidate. When she ran against Obama, I was convinced that she would have made a much better president. For one thing, her Health Care Act would have been much more progressive than Obama's (can you say "single payer"?) and she would have been a much better negotiator than the President on contentious issues.

Perhaps more importantly, it would have been much more difficult for the National Security State folks to bamboozle her. She was in the White House before and she knows how the system works.

Obama was an easy prey for these guys and they quickly positioned themselves around the inexperienced President and impressed (and intimidate) him with one scary scenario after another. From Guantanamo to NSA, there is a whole list of terribly conservative policies Obama acquiesced to during his first term.

I seriously doubt that Clinton would have gone along with the same policies.

Therefore, when we ask the question, "will she run?", the obvious answer is, she would be a fool not to. Although a lot of things can change between now and the elections, right now, it looks like it would be impossible for her to lose.

There is, however, a reason for her not to run: to leave the door open for Chelsea.

It is not an outlandish idea. When asked whether he or Hillary would be a better president, Bill said:
"Day after tomorrow, my wife, because she's had more experience," Clinton told CNN's Piers Morgan when asked whether Hillary or Chelsea Clinton would be a better president. "Over the long run, Chelsea. She knows more than we do about everything."
There is more to it than a flippant answer. The Clintons have been carefully grooming her for higher office. She went to the right schools, married the right person, stayed away from any kind of embarrassing situations. It is almost as if all her major decisions were made with a future vetting in mind.

She is also much more media and image conscious than her feminist mother, who sometimes give in to her hippie roots, when it comes to her public appearances.

I think this would the only hesitation in her mind.

She knows she can win, she knows that she is more than qualified and would make a great president.

But she does not know whether her Presidency could prevent Chelsea from running for the same office down the line. Three Clintons in, say, 46 Presidents might be too much for the country.

I personally hope that she does not run and support Elisabeth Warren, as I think Warren is more progressive than Clinton at this point.

But human nature is what it is. Just the fact that Warren would be the next likely candidate (Biden can never get elected to anything outside Delaware) might push Clinton to go for it.

To become the first female President is not something that could be easily relinquished.

And I get that.

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