04 December 2017

Will Trump Fire Mueller?

As you might have heard Robert Mueller turned Michael Flynn who pleaded guilty to wilfully lying to the FBI.

Flynn is said to be cooperating.

And the consensus among legal scholars is that a plea deal for such a minor crime when more serious charges were available suggest that an arrangement had been worked out to sweep those under the rug in exchange for very damaging testimony against a bigger fish.

What bigger crime?

If you are a regular reader of this humble soapbox, you will remember that Flynn was accused of secretly acting on behalf of the Turkish government or contemplating the rendering of the aging cleric Fethullah Gulen.

This last episode was divulged by former CIA Director James Woolsey last March.

And it came back to the agenda a couple of weeks ago.

Curiously, Woolsey is on the Board of Directors of Flynn's company and he is cooperating with the Mueller investigation.

This is such a big deal that Trump recently invited Woolsey to dinner at the Southern White House to discuss, I assume, his role in all this.

Clearly, he is worried.

The charging documents against Mr Flynn state that he was directed to make contact with Russian officials by a "very senior member" of the Trump transition team.
Several US news organisations report the very senior official now under the spotlight is Jared Kushner - Mr Trump's adviser and son-in-law.
For a few months now, the targeting of Jared Kushner was an open secret.

Between Manafort and Flynn, Mueller could build a case that even Fox News could not attribute to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

If Kushner is also pressured, Mueller will have a clear picture of the money laundering operations of the Trump Organization, which is what he fears the most.

And if Trump waits too long, he knows he could be in serious trouble and might be unable to act.

So the Donald we know might make the bold move of firing Mueller.

Think about it.

His base will simply applaud the move as they will stick by him no matter what.

The Republicans will not do anything and they control both the House and the Senate.

Some like McCain or Flake will tweet mild criticisms.

But they are more preoccupied with tax cuts for the rich and destroying Social Security.

Democrats will howl. But Sunday talk shows will only feature Republicans.

Fox News will cover once again Clinton's email scandals.

And various Clinton shenanigans.

And Benghazi.

But if that happens, nothing will ever be the same again.

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