21 March 2018

Shooting White People While Being Mohamed Noor

Last July, a nice Australian woman called 9-11 to report a rape incident.

When the police car arrived at the scene, she was shot by one of the officers.

Now, as I noted at the time, this is something of a routine in the USA. You look directly into a police officer's eye you are shot. You look unhappy about being Tasered you are shot. You have the wrong skin color, you are definitely shot.

But in this instance, this is what I wrote:
Last year, 968 people were killed by police. This year, so far, 554
There were several issues with this one though. 
Otherwise it would not have made the headlines. 
First, she was a white woman. 
Second she was from Australia, an English speaking and relatively powerful country where the media can ask questions
Finally, the officer who shot her was called Mohamed Noor. 
Remember Philando Castile? Also in Minnesota. 
And countless others
But I predict that this time they will indict the officer. 
And throw the book at him. 
Because he shot a white woman from Australia while being Mohamed Noor.
Well, they just did. He is charged with third-degree and second-degree murder.

Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that this is an injustice for the officer.

Far from it. He should get punished for what he did and if you ask me, what they are proposing is rather lenient.

What I am suggesting that, under the same circumstances, Jeronimo Yanez who shot Philando Castile was charged with lesser crimes and, well, he was acquitted.

What I am also suggesting is that this case shows very clearly the racial bias in the US. When white police officers kill black people, it's all good. In fact, this is the majority of the shooting incidents I linked above.

And this what "All lives matter" idiots are trying to hide.

But when a Muslim officer kills a white woman, we know that "White Lives Matter."

Which was my point.

Nevertheless, I wish Justine Damond was alive and I didn't have to make this point.

But I also wish that Philando Castile was with us.

You know, all lives matter.


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